Thursday, November 27, 2014


Had a fantastic time at a friend's house for thanksgiving dinner. The picture is of the turkey she made. It was delicious.

It made me happy to have a friend willing to open her home to us and whom I consider to be extended family. I am grateful for my family, biological or not.

I'm also grateful for my husband having a job that allows me to be able to stay home and pursue my homesteading goals. I have plans to spread homesteading knowledge (or at least share in my abundance) once things get rolling. I have yet to figure out exactly how, but I plan on doing things.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hand me downs

My mother in law tried knitting for a while, but her true comfort zone is crochet. So, she gave me her collection of knitting needles. I have basically every size now. And the little wooden holder? That's got a set of double pointed needles in it. Likely for sock knitting given their size.


I made a bacon cornbread as requested by the husband. It's not what I'm used to, personally. It's good though. Just different to my taste.

I used a recipe for crackling cornbread from my Southern Living cookbooks a base and just replaced the cracklings with bacon. I also adjusted the cooking temperature down to 375 instead of 450 because my glass pan would have blown up. So it took a bit longer to cook all the way. I'm mostly happy with it, so it's all good.

Better rolls

This batch came out better. Think I missed the second rise or something. Dunno.


Here's a shot of some of the rolls I had made for spouse's work luncheon.

They were apparently tasty because they disappeared. Good to know.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I have no idea what kind of tree this is yet.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I admit. I don't have an everyday carry. I wander into the yard with just my person and whatever clothes I'm wearing. Sometimes it includes shoes. If I go into town, I take my purse with my wallet in it. I could actually downsize to just a wallet if I changed my wardrobe or carrying system. But, sometimes the pants that haven't had the thighs ripped out don't have pockets.


I really should go by goodwill and see what I could scrounge up in my size. Because paying for new jeans is just out of the question at this point. Not as fast as I wear them out.

Back to EDC.

I will probably start carrying a small knife with me for use around the yard once I start needing one. I might pick up a small multi tool for use away from home (laws get fuzzy when dealing with those). I'll figure it out. But, I do need to start making sure I have some cash on me more consistently. And I might even put a Life Straw or two in the car. Haven't decided on that yet. I have to be careful about keeping food in the car because of the fire ants. But maybe a granola bar or something kept in the purse would be acceptable.

Actually, switching to a small backpack might be a wise thing to do so that I can carry stuff for at least two of us at a time. I think I might look into getting a sturdy pack that wouldn't be easily thefted from. Then I could clean up my purse and sell it for a bit of extra money. Maybe. I dunno.